BORDERLINES at the Neither Here Nor There Festival

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May 10, 9:30pm + May 11, 8pm

Neither Here Nor There Festival
SFU Woodwards, Studio T

5-15$ sliding scale

Audience is limited to 50 each night, reserve your ticket early (click here)
Come see two great shows  (Borderlines & Transmission from Orbit) and get a discounted rate here 


Directed by Isabelle Kirouac

In collaboration with Leslie Castellano, Willi Willi, Eliot LeFiend (USA), Mutya Macatumpag, Hailey McCloskey and Emmalena Fredriksson (Canada)
Outside Eye: Daelik
Supervisor: Rob Kitsos
Ligthing designer/Production manager: Kyla Gardener
Original music: Willi Willi, Isabelle Kirouac & the Ensemble
Musical instrument design: Willi Willi
Music recordings: Arrington de Dionyso, Ooga Booga, The Shadows, Eels

You may be interrogated. You may provide sufficient answers. You may enter. Perhaps there will be no exits. I may be there too. I am not sure how long it will last. 

“Borderlines” is not classifiable as one thing or another. It is arbitrary. It is almost dance, nearly participatory theater. It is somewhere between separating and binding together. It is the body of the imaginary migrant. It was born in the USA. It mutated in Canada. It is a border state. It is an encounter with the other. It is the boundary of the flesh. It is the contact of the skin. It is a social construction. It is me, it is you, it is them, it is us. 

Crossing the lines between dance and participatory theater, “Borderlines” examines our relationships to borders as a space of hybridity.

“Borderlines” was born in Eureka, California, during Isabelle Kirouac’s participation in Incubate Winter Dance Intensive, where she conducted a series of laboratories in collaboration with local performers. An early version of the work was presented at Synapsis Performance & Art Space, before a few performers crossed the US/Canada border to pursue this research in Vancouver, and collaborate with a new group of local participants. 

Isabelle Kirouac is a choreographer and interdisciplinary performance artist interested in the dialogue created by cultural exchange, art as political action and experimental geography. She has been teaching and presenting her artistic work at many festivals and venues in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Africa. She collaborated with international artists Lea Kieffer (France/Germany), Trinidad Martinez (Spain), Body Research (USA), Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater (USA), Theatre Junction (Calgary), Felix Ruckert (Germany) and many others.

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LIKE HOUSES THROUGH A KALEIDOSCOPE at the Santa Cruz Fringe Festival

JULY 12 – 7pm
JULY 13 – 3pm + 10pm
JULY 14 – 3:30pm
JULY 15 – 6:30pm

131 Front Street Suite E Santa Cruz

New dance & acrobatic stilts performance
By Moitié Moitié (Canada/France)

Two homeless dancers, one born in Quebec, the other born in France, inhabit their flying and tumbling bodies, pushing the boudaries between contemporary dance, physical theater and acrobatic stilts.

”Like houses through a kaleidoscope” is an attempt to redefine our relationship to home, using the language of acrobatic stilts and dance improvisation as a base. One was born in France, the other and in Quebec. They both have been on the road for many years, without a house to come back to. They can barely remember the name of all of the generous people that hosted them, but are dreaming to send each of them a postcard. Isabella and Lea are part of this new generation of urban nomads that I called fortunate homeless; those who created their identities by improvising a shelter made of habits (repetitions, opinions, gestures), memories and relationships. Each time we inhabit a space, we adjust to it, it becomes how we live our life; it becomes part of who we are. “Ours is the century of enforced travel of disappearances. The century of people helplessly seeing others, who were close to them, disappear over the horizon.” This performance has been created in one of the performer’s hometown in Quebec, as an attempt to reconnect to our roots. Moitié Moitié push the boudaries of contemporary dance and acrobatic stilts by offering a cutting-edge performance that blends contemporary circus, new dance and theater.

Moitié Moitié is a duet between Isabella Kerouac (Canada) and Lea Kiefer (France). Both nomads for many years, they met touring the world and teaching at international Contact Improvisation festivals. They are now interested in developing new possibilities in the art of acrobatic stilts, based on their common practice of dance improvisation.

Supported by the Professionnal Creation and Production Funds of the Municipality of Arthabaska, Office Franco-Québécois pour la Jeunesse and Canada Arts Council, ”Like houses through a kaleidoscope” was created and toured in Quebec (Canada) in May-June 2013. The Santa Cruz Fringe Festival is proud to present the US premiere of this new performance work on July 12-25 2013, at Motion Pacific Theater.

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“Comme des maisons à travers un kaléidoscope” en tournée au Québec


Horaire de tournée du spectacle 2013

4 juin- Polyvalente Monique-Proulx, Warwick (QC) – 12h

6 juin– Club Aramis, Warwick (QC) -20h

9 juin – Salle du Parvis, Sherbrooke (QC) – première partie : Nancy Letendre – 20h
+ atelier de danse improvisée (2-5pm)

13 juin – Festival Émergence, scène de l’Église St-Martyr (spectacle extérieur), Victoriaville (QC) – 20h

6-7 juillet – version déambulation, Festival de Jazz de Montreal  (QC)

Comme des maisons à travers un kaléidoscope
Spectacle hybride à mi-chemin entre les échasses acrobatiques et la nouvelle danse
Dirigé par Isabelle Kirouac, en collaboration avec Léa Kieffer

La performance « Comme des maisons à travers un kaléidoscope » est née d’une collaboration entre la danseuse et échassière acrobatique Isabelle Kirouac (Québec), et la danseuse contemporaine française Léa Keiffer (France). À mi-chemin entre la danse, le théâtre et le nouveau cirque, ce spectacle hybride explore les thèmes de la migration, du nomadisme, du voyage, de l’identité et de la rencontre.

 ”Comme des maisons à travers un kaléidoscope”  tente de redéfinir notre relation à l’errance et à l’enracinement, en utilisant le langage des échasses acrobatiques et de la danse improvisée. Isabelle est née au Québec, Léa en France. Elles ont chacune passé la majorité de leur temps à voyager, sans louer de logement, adoptant la route comme territoire. Elles ont peine à se rappeler des noms de tous ceux qui les ont hébergées au passage, mais elles se promettent de leur envoyer une carte postale. Isabelle et Léa font parties de cette nouvelle génération de « nomades urbains » que j’aime appeler ‘itinérants fortunés’ ; ceux qui créent leurs identités en s’improvisant un refuge composé d’habitudes (répétitions, opinions, gestes), de souvenirs et de relations. Chaque fois que nous habitons un espace, nous nous y adaptons, nous nous y confondons ; il nous habite et nous transforme. Suivant la trace de leurs mouvements et la danse de leurs corps virevoltants, Isabelle et Léa promettent de repousser les limites de la danse contemporaine et des échasses acrobatiques en offrant un spectacle unique et audacieux, à mi-chemin entre le théâtre, la danse et le cirque contemporain.

Grâce à l’appui des Fonds de Soutiens aux initiatives de création et de diffusion professionnelles de la MRC d’Arthabaska, et de l’Office Franco-Québécois pour la Jeunesse, de la Ville de Warwick et des Productions Armagnac, le processus de création de ce spectacle s’est mis en branle au printemps 2013, dans la région des Bois-Francs.


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