Door-to-door is a performance installation inspired by a series of photographs presenting 20 doors with the number 20, and the desire to see the invisible. What hides behind each door? Movable structure used to close off an entrance, doors are the guardian of the private realms. “People need to create an inner space, which is called “private”. It is not essential that this space holds anything, yet it is essential that each individual has the impression that they own the keys to enter this space and have the power to open and close the door of this private realm. Privacy is not in what we hide but in having the power to hide something.”

Door-to-door, inspired by Theatre Replacement’s BIOBOXES – one-on-one shows that take place in a theatre no bigger than your standard cardboard box – presents an intimate performance experience for an audience of one. Created in collaboration with Theater Replacement, the project was initiated by Studio 303 and the technical support came from MAI (Montréal, Arts Interculturels) Door-to-door has been presented as part of the Gala Vingt, Studio 303, Montreal.