Third Space

► SEPTEMBER 14 – VANCOUVER (Studio Showing)
The Dance Centre Open House, Faris Studio Theatre, 4pm
► OCTOBER 20 – VANCOUVER (Premiere)
New Works/Dance of All Sorts, Roundhouse Community Arts Centre

Third Space is a trio between dancers, stilts and designed objects, exploring the concept of liminality. It brings together a series of oppositions (stilts/dance, pop/experimental music, soft/hard objects, French/Farsi/Swedish native tongues etc.) and attempts to discover what gets revealed in the in-between. What lives in the gap between stimulus and response? What gets lost in translation? What brings us together? Negotiating binary oppositions and allowing for multiple levels of identification, this work explores the concept of hybridity through intimate connections between performers, objects and audience members.

Everything is third space.
Everything is outside in.
Everything is inside out.
Everything is everything.

Isabelle Kirouac Artistic Director, Performer
Delia Brett Co-Artistic Director, Choreographer
Emmalena Fredriksson Performer, Collaborator
Arash Khakpour Performer, Collaborator
Robyn Jacob Musical Composer
Robert Leveroos Object Designer
Meghan Rosner Object Collaborator
Kyla Gardiner Lighting Designer

Thanks to Canada Council for the Arts, BC Arts Council, Shadbolt Arts Centre, the Dance Centre, The Pace/Creative CoWorkers, Martin Reisle, Che, Willoughby Arevalo.