Lea Kieffer


Directed by Lea Kieffer (France) in collaboration with Isabelle Kirouac (Quebec), Anna Neuberg (Germany), Maria Rutanen (Finland) and Rocio Morano (Spain), Pink Blue Martini is a time and space to explore the wild physical states, the animal body, and the intensity of a poundig heartbeat. The point of departure is inspired by the configuration of a rock band, where each dancers meet under the direction of a leader and dance its own music in order to contribute to the new configuration of a specific ensemble. This meeting between five dancers from five different countries and identities, aim to explore the cultural references of each performers, and to shake their habits by collaborating to a commun vision.

The residency-laboratory of “Pink Blue Martini” took place and was presented at Theaterhaus Mitte, in Berlin (Germany). This project was supported by Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec.