This work is still in progress (2021)

Megafauna presents two shape-shifting creatures evolving in their ephemeral habitat. It portrays ever-changing landscapes, large hybrid animals interbreeding with fossilized plants, bleached corals, metallic structures, bones, and the ghosts of those who have disappeared. Megafauna invites the audience to witness cycles of transformation through movement, design and sound. Inspired by the writings of feminist cyborg Donna Haraway and extinction biologist Ben Kessler, we will question the dichotomies between humans and other species, nature and culture. How can we move sensitively on damaged land in an era of cyborgs? How do we orient through constant transmutations? With bodies composed of a multitude of “other” organisms (fungi, viruses, microbes), how do we blur the boundaries of the self? How can we embody the hugeness of geologic time?

Concept Isabelle Kirouac
Dancers/Stilt-walkers Isabelle Kirouac, Levana Prud’homme
Choreographer Delia Brett
Designer Tamara Unroe
Composer Stefan Smulovitz

We are grateful for the generous support of Canada Council for the Arts, the Dance Centre, the Shadbolt Arts Centre and the Moberly Arts Centre.