Stilt Animations

Acrobatic stilt-walker, contemporary dancer and accordionist, Isabelle Kirouac offers original acrobatic stilts animations and performances for audiences of all ages, in outdoor or indoor venues and urban spaces. From street improvisations to one-of-a-kind performances for special events, her work is dynamic and integrates a unique acrobatic stilt vocabulary, choreographic sequences, partner acrobatics, lifts, drops, music and poetry.

As an acrobatic stilt dancer, Isabelle has been a core member of The Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater (USA) for several years. She also collaborated with La Belle Zanka (France), Nemcatacoa Teatro (Colombia), Still Moon Performance Arts Society (BC/Canada), Mortal Coil (BC/Canada), the Dusty Flowerpot (BC/Canada), Flam Chen Pyrotechnic Teater (USA) and Circus Stella (New Brunswick/Canada).