The Art & Fungi Project

Photos from the Guapamacàtaro Art and Ecology Centre Exhibition, Michoacàn, Mexico
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The Art & Fungi Project aims at creating artistic work and developing activities inspired by fungi and how they help to shape and connect our world. It involves educational mushroom walks, culinary experiences, movement improvisations, participatory performance making, guided meditations, sensory explorations, drawing, living sculptures, creative writing, guided conversations, and other ideas fruiting from the process. Encouraging experiential learning, we engage the senses while crafting embodied experiences drawing from the living systems in and around us. While engaging in outdoor activities, we invite participants to reflect on the intersections between the kingdom of fungi, their habitat and the moving body. This project is an opportunity to build our relationships with each other and with nature, following the interconnected path of mycelium.

Isabelle Kirouac and Willoughby Arevalo have been collaboratively exploring the relationships between art and fungal life for the last five years. In residence at the Guapamacàtaro Art & Ecology Centre in Michoacàn, Mexico, they developed performative installations inspired by fungi that were presented as part of a collective exhibition. They regularly facilitate educational, experiential and artistic mycological forays/urban walking tours and other mushroom-related artistic projects with artists and community members. They are currently artists-in-residence at Moutainside Secondary School (in collaboration with North Van Arts), offering a series of workshops and artistic projects in collaboration with at risk youth; and at Kitsilano Community Centre, collaborating with community members of all ages through Vancouver Parks Board’s Artists in Communities program. Willoughby Arevalo’s website: click here

Photos from the Art & Fungi Project in collaboration with students at Mountainside Secondary School, North Vancouver