Body Research/Karl Frost

PRESENCE & PIPELINES – Film (to be release in 2015)

A film meditation on the sensory connection to the more-than-human world and the effects of unhurried being in nature on the mind and body.
Directed by Karl Frost, with collaborators Leslie Castellano, Isabelle Kirouac, Willoughby Arevalo, Eliot LeFiend, Emma Garrod, and others.

The explorations of the film was situated in places in British Columbia currently threatened by expansion of the fossil fuel industry and proposed Tar Sands Oil and Fracked Gas pipelines to coastal BC and the resulting expansions in dangerous tanker traffic: a time bomb  guaranteed to devastate a remote part of the planet with one of the biologically richest ecosystems in the world.

AXOLOTL (2005)

Axolotl is a participatory performance experience, psychological and kinesthetic: be blindfolded for 2 hours of exploration of self and others. In Axolotl, you are invited to place a blindfold over your eyes and spend two hours interacting and exploring with each other and a group of actors, dancers, and musicians. The piece is not a singular event on a stage, but a multiplicity of events occurring simultaneously in the minds of the members of the audience… an experience of movement, touch, theater, conversation, soundscape, environment and interpersonal interaction. Directed by Karl Frost, with many collaborators. Isabelle Kirouac participated to the 2005 tour of Axolotl across the West Coast.