Acrobatic Stilts Workshops

Partnering Dance Work & Acrobatic Stilts Workshop Laboratory

In this laboratory, we will explore and deepen the movement possibilities between ground dancers and acrobatic stilt-walkers. Using organic partnering techniques derived from Contact Improvisation, cultivating movement awareness and working with images, states and presence, we will explore the differences and commonalities between ground dancers and stilt walkers and develop a common vocabulary that will allow us to fly fluidly, fall safely, and create original movement material. This workshop is open to all level dancers, and intermediate-advance stilt-walkers. Please note that we will not learn to walk on stilts during this workshop. Dancers will stay on the ground.

Acrobatic Stilts Workshop (intermediate/advance)
In this workshop we will explore and deepen the art and technique of acrobatic stilts, integrating stilts inversions, refined lifts, falls & drops, fluid choreographic sequences, improvisation and partnering work inspired by Contact Improvisation, contemporary release technique and somatics. All exercises will be taught with an emphasis on safety, body awareness and proper alignment. This is a unique opportunity to further your practice, challenge yourself and explore new possibilities.

Isabelle Kirouac is a professional dancer, acrobatic stilt-walker and performance artist/choreographer. She has been teaching acrobatic stilts, Contact Improvisation and performing for many years in Canada, the US, Mexico, Colombia, Estonia, Spain, Switzerland, Ireland, Scotland, Israël, Morocco, Palestine and Senegal. Her most recent performance work “Like Houses through a kaleidoscope”, is a duet with Lea Kieffer (France) exploring the relationships between a ground dancer and an acrobatic stilt-walker and incorporating dance, circus and theater. It has been awarded grants from “Fonds de creation et de développement professionnel de la MRC d’Arthabaska” and “Canada Arts Council”, and has toured Quebec and California. Over the past 7 years, Isabelle has been a core member of the Carpetbag Brigade Physical Theater (San Francisco), a company best-known for its acrobatic stiltsdramas, and danced in the work of Theater Junction (Calgary), Body Research (San Francisco), etc.. Isabelle has been a choreographer and acrobatic stiltsinstructor at Still Moon Performance Arts for the last 5 years.