Alien Forms

► JULY 13-14 – SKAMpede Festival, VICTORIA
Galloping Goose Trail, 12:30-7pm

Created in collaboration with Macromatter/Robert Leveroos

A family of neon green forms are scattered across the field, clumped in an urban space, or tucked in amongst a forest scene. They are familiar and strange at once. Two performers activate these ‘alien forms’ creating moving objectscapes within the landscape. We see limbs pop out. We see these forms waddle across the yard, flop on their sides and scuttle past. The work snuggles into yet jumps out of its landscape. It playfully explores how we inhabit a space, and is inspired by creatures that carry their homes with them.

Alien Forms was first envisioned in the Spring of 2017. The first exploration of this work was presented outside in a field at the Vines Festival in August 2017. The second phase was then presented at 12 Minute Max at the Dance Center in Vancouver and at the LUNA Festival in Revelstoke in 2018.