Liquid Bodies

Liquid Bodies – Dancing the Landscape and Ecology of Trout Lake
A Site-Specific Dance Collaboration with Youth

During this project, we studied various site-specific artistic works, focusing on dance. Each day will included warm ups and physical investigations inspired by contemporary dance, ecology and sensorial explorations. Going for experiential walks around the lake and dancing in relationship to the landscape, we engaged with each other and our environment through an embodied approach to learning. We created dances from the inside out as well as from the outside in.

Throughout the week, we will developed our own movement material, which was slowly shaped into an outdoor, site-specific dance/performance in response to the landscape, ecology and natural history of Trout Lake. In order to become more familiar with the plants, fungi and natural history of Trout Lake, we spent some time with guest mycologist and naturalist Willoughby Arevalo, who guided us through an educational walk around the lake, informing and enriching our artistic process. This site-specific performance was presented informally during the Trout lake Farmer’s Market to a public of friends, family and visitors of the park.

This project was supported by a Creative Spark Vancouver Grant disbursed by ArtStarts in Schools and funded by the City of Vancouver.